Step beyond the ordinary catering!

Delight your guests with extraordinary catering options! Unlike the typical food catering, make your next gathering unforgettable with our delicious ice creams, mouthwatering Veg Kathi rolls and savoury veg Momo! Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, community event or any special occasion, our catering services will add a touch of culinary delight to your celebration.
Variety Galore: Choose from a wide range of 32+ flavours of ice cream, including classic favourites and unique, gourmet Indian inspired flavour options. Faluda available in 3 flavours.

Custom Creations: Personalise your ice cream experience with toppings, sauces and mix-ins to suit every guest’s taste.

Fun and Fresh: Our ice cream is veg with no gelatine or egg and made with the freshest ingredients, ensuring a creamy, dreamy experience for everyone.
Authentic Taste: Savour the rich flavours of our Kathi rolls, crafted with traditional spices and high-quality ingredients.

Versatile Options: From Schezwan Paneer and Soya 65 to innovative vegetarian cutlet choices, there’s something for everyone.

Perfectly Portable: Our Kathi rolls are easy to eat on the go, making them a convenient and delicious option for any event.
veg kathi rolls
veg momo
Flavoursome Fillings: Enjoy our veg Momo, stuffed with a delightful blend of fresh vegetables and aromatic spices.

Steamed or Fried: Choose between steamed Momo for a healthier option or fried Momo for a crispy treat.

Crowd-Pleaser: These bite-sized delights are perfect for any occasion, offering a tasty option for vegetarian guests. Choose from our extensive range of vegetarian options for your next event.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Service: Our experienced catering team ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish.
Customizable Menus: Tailor your catering menu to match the theme and preferences of your event.
Memorable Moments: Create lasting memories with food that delights and impresses your guests.

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