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Taking Icy Spicy to New Heights

Inder & Rohit had big dreams for Icy Spicy and aspired to take it to new heights. They were determined to found a food production unit that would help scale the restaurant from 1 restaurant to many more. Their opportunity for expansion came when they crossed paths with Manoj & Palash, (friends of Inder & Rohit).

Palash, a serious banker & investor known for his operational expertise & for the knack of turning small names into big brands. Palash is also an hospitality graduate with culinary skills from Taj group of Hotels, India. Manoj has built a remarkable career transforming small retail businesses into successful enterprises. His expertise ranged from store management and supply chain logistics to strategies on business sustainability. When Palash & Manoj dined at Icy Spicy, they were captivated by the culinary talent and their commitment to serving unique Indian cuisine outside of India. They saw the potential to transform Icy Spicy restaurant into something truly special. They soon struck up a conversation that would change the course of the brand. Both Palash & Manoj along with the founders founded Icy Spicy Foods - a production unit of Icy Spicy.

They recognised that many restaurants struggle to maintain a consistent standard of food & quality due to variation in cooking styles, suppliers, vendor reliability. Icy Spicy Foods offers quality, consistent, sustainable and innovative momo & ice cream production unit of Icy Spicy. Over the years, Icy Spicy expanded their small enterprise, opening more Icy Spicy locations in Australia. They have introduced their franchise model and are expanding their chain of brand across Australia with currently 5 shops in NSW, 2 in QLD, 1 in VIC with few more in the pipeline coming to different cities in 2024. Their venture allowed them to introduce the multicultural aspects of Indian cuisine, showcasing the incredible diversity of flavours from various regions.
The story of Inder and Rohit serves as a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Their journey to bring Indian style vegetarian momo and Indian flavoured ice creams to a foreign land not only satisfied their own cravings but also enriched the local food scene with the tantalising tastes of India. Their partnership with Palash & Manoj illustrated how investors with a shared passion for the culinary arts can help a food business realise its full potential. With the right investors & partners by their side, Icy Spicy became a go-to-place, celebrated for its exceptional dishes. Their legacy continues to inspire others to embrace their cultural roots and share the joy of diverse flavours with the world.
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