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Where it all began…

Once upon a time in the bustling streets of Sydney, two friends, Inder & Rohit, embarked on a culinary adventure that would change the Indian food scene forever. In a distant land far from their homeland, they found themselves missing the flavours and comforts of their native cuisine. Rohit, married to Inkumit from Sikkhim had a deep love for momo and Inder had a passion for creating unique desserts. Inder & Rohit shared a vision of merging these two culinary worlds to create something extraordinary.
Their story began in mid 2021 when they decided to offer Indian food outside Samosa, Naan and Butter Chicken. Inder, Masters of Business from UTS in Sydney and Rohit, a hospitality graduate from India often reminisced about the delightful momo and Indian ice creams they enjoyed back in India. The absence of these familiar tastes in their new home motivated them to take matters into their own hands. They decided to introduce these cherished flavours to the foreign land they now called home.
Their journey began with countless hours spent in their small kitchen, experimenting with momo fillings and crafting unique Indian-inspired ice cream recipes. They faced challenges along the way, from sourcing authentic Indian spices to perfecting the art of momo making to nailing the texture and taste of ice creams, but their determination never wavered.
After months of trial and error, they finally achieved the perfect combination of Indian spices and local produce for their vegetarian momo. Their momo are filled with a variety of delicious vegetarian options, from their signature Original Momo & Masala Paneer to fusion fillings like Spinach, Schezwan & Beetroot momo with Indian spices
Drawing inspiration from the vibrant flavours of India, they started experimenting with unique ice cream blends. Pink Guava with Salt and Chilli, Roasted Almonds with Saffron, Custard Apple, Alphonso Mango, Pineapple Chaat (Chaat is an Indian powder spice mix) and Chikoo (Sapota) soon found their way into their ice cream machines. They named their venture “Icy Spicy,” - Indian Dessert & Momo Bar. Their food soon became a hit among locals and expatriates alike
Both Momo & Ice Cream at Icy Spicy became local sensations. Their customers couldn’t get enough of the delectable momo and the rich, creamy ice creams infused with the essence of India. Their restaurant provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where patrons could experience a slice of India in every bite.
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Our Ice Cream

Where Exotic India Meets Cool Delight! Welcome to Icy Spicy, where we’ve taken the rich tapestry of Indian flavours and woven them into a tantalising array of ice creams.
Our ice creams are a harmonious blend of traditional Indian spices, fruits and ingredients that will transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of India. From the fiery kick of Pink Guava with salt and chilli to the sweet serenity of Alphonso Mango, our creations are a celebration of India’s culinary heritage
But that’s not it! At icy Spicy, we also celebrate the diversity of our Australian multicultural society through the language of ice cream. From Taro ice cream to Choc Oreo, from Exotic Rose flavour to Cold Coffee, we offer a scoop for every palate, a nod to every culture. We source the freshest local ingredients and meticulously craft each batch to capture the essence of India in every scoop.
At Icy Spicy, we believe in the power of pure vegetarian goodness. We believe in turning every bite into an adventure, letting you savour the spirit of India in every bite. Join us in the joy of egg free, gelatine free, pure vegetarian ice cream bliss at icy Spicy.
Explore the magic of Indian & fusion ice cream flavours with Icy Spicy.
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Our Momo

Savour the spice and sizzle of India with our delectable Indian-style vegetarian momo. These bite-sized delights are a fusion of the best of both worlds – the dumpling perfection of Asia and the bold flavours of India. Filled with a medley of veggies and aromatic spices, our Momo are a tantalising taste adventure that will transport your palate to the bustling streets of India. Each momo is meticulously curated, ensuring that every bite bursts with the flavours of a diverse subcontinent. Whether you prefer the zing of Indo Chinese style Chilli Momo to Masala Paneer or the earthy goodness of Juicy Schezwan & our signature Original momo, our momo promise a flavourful journey that’s purely vegetarian and authentically Indian. Spice up your snacking with over 10 varieties of Indian-style Vegetarian momo at Icy Spicy!
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Spice up your snacking with Icy Spicy

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